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Matthew James Bailey

Matthew James Bailey is an internationally recognised authority in the Internet of Things, Innovation, Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence. His extraordinary leadership is widely acknowledged throughout governments and the private sector. He is a sought-after advisor and keynote speaker. Bailey has been privileged to meet famous global leaders such as Steve Wozniak, innovation and technology; Sir David Attenborough, the environment; Professor Stephen Hawking, theoretical physicist and cosmologist; in addition to prime ministers, ministers, under secretaries of G7 Countries, and many more. 

Bailey has been classified by the US government as “A Person of Extraordinary Ability” (self-sponsored) for his global and influential work in the Internet of Things (IoT) and innovation. This prestigious recognition is allocated to those who have attained an exceptional level of achievement in their field of expertise. He has been a World Technology Network award nominee. Previous winners have included such visionaries as Elon Musk, Sir Tim Berners Lee (inventor of the World Wide Web), and former US Vice President Al Gore.

Bailey operates at the intersection of innovation and leading edge technologies to enable positive economic, social, and environmental change. His vision for society, guiding innovation, and technologies that advance humanity into its future (what he terms World 3.0) has inspired governments, business and citizens. He has participated in discussions with the United States’ government, as well as the United Kingdom on national strategies for innovation, the Internet of Things, Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence.

Bailey’s commitment to working for the advancement of global society has influenced organisations and territories in their partnership with the digital world. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies in computing and telecoms. He has advised national and regional governments, worked with economic development agencies, and contributed in the success of global wireless and edge computing standards bodies. International and national investors have sought his advice as have entrepreneurs and startups in a number of countries. With a passion for education, he has guided international educational organisations and been a guest lecturer at Cambridge University. 

With an ambition to advance regional transformation, contributed to the progression of the Province of Alberta, Canada, as a board member of the Alberta Research and Innovation Authority. He catalysed transformation of the state of Colorado as a co-founder of the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, the first state-wide alliance in the United States, and a Smart City Innovation Centre dedicated to serve state-wide transformation. In 2016, he wrote a Whitepaper outlining innovation and technology cluster principles. This paper, titled “How to Build Smart Cities Mindfully”, has set the standard for Smart Cities around the world.

Originally from England, Matthew James Bailey currently lives in the United States where he enjoys writing and consulting globally with clients in the public and private sectors. He is co-chair of a national Artificial Intelligence-Smart City-Super Computing Cluster that is part of the Global City Teams Challenge. He is the Global Ambassador for an Artificial Intelligence Innovation District for a Medical Technology City in Mwale, Kenya. He also serves on the board of an Artificial Intelligence startup, Smarter.AI. Bailey is known as an energetic and inspiring communicator. He is regularly featured as a keynote speaker around the world at both public and private events. He has shared his ideas in radio interviews, through the press, in podcasts and on online media.

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