AI Lifecycle – The Data Journey: unlocking Patient Capital for the 17 SDGs


Dear colleagues & friends,  

on Dec 10th, 2020, at 9 AM (ET) the two Speakers Natalie St-Pierre (President & Founder,  SDG Capital  Corporation, Canada) and Patricia Gautrin (Phd student in Ethics of artificial intelligence & President of Intelligence NAPSE inc)  with their talk: “AI Lifecycle – The Data Journey: unlocking Patient Capital for the 17 SDGs. Please register here:  

Talk description 

Before rushing to the gate of AI programming and decision-making tools, the presenters want to highlight the essential upstream work to cleaning data and infrastructure to ensure a fair systemic decision making processes leaving No One Behind.  It appears that with an evolving mindset AI ethic, societies and institutions need to seek for potential bias and avoid them in a way that accountability could be measured for integrity and transparency.  The UN Agenda 2030 framework, its 17 SDGs, targets and indicators are helpful in providing a common language and roadmap to capture data in order to enable private and collective impact measurement for a just world. 

Duo presentation: 


Natalie St-Pierre – President & Founder,  SDG Capital Corporation 

Seasoned expert focused on systemic changes with more than 20 years of experience in taxation, project & technology implementation, management & consulting, philanthropy & UN SDGs. Proven Innovator. Graduate studies in Knowledge Mobilization.

SDG Capital Corporation: Canadian start-up currently prototyping in Quebec a technology SDG Covestment platform enabling funders to make evidence-based selections between SDG innovations for a better world. AI & ML will play a key role in ensuring inclusive and unbiased selection algorithms built-in this platform. 


Patricia Gautrin – Phd student in Ethics of artificial intelligence & President of Intelligence NAPSE inc 

Passionate about both technology and philosophy, after 20 years of career in marketing, I orient my thoughts to fulfill a social mission dear to my heart: ethics of artificial intelligence. Currently a doctoral student at the University of Montreal, I am working on the development of AI standards. Through my entrepreneurial spirit and my constant creativity, I have participated in the development and marketing of numerous software. My professional activities and my interpersonal skills have allowed me to develop a solid business network at the source of several contracts or partnerships.  

Intelligence NAPSE inc.: Canadian start-up which aims to be a place of business and networking in AI, support for funding tools and the incubator of responsible AI certifications.